2014, Public Video Art Installation, 30 mins.

(Director / Producer / Animator / Editor)

Part of the project ‘Words Needed curated by Anna Linder for Umeå Culture Capital 2014.

By Maja Borg and  Virginia Woolf
CRAFTSMANSHIP is a filmic meditation on the importance to be included in language – to be
seen by words, using experimental film techniques. The video installation is paying homage
to Virginia Woolf and is a dialogue of sorts crafted from the only surviving audio recording of
the author – a 1937 BBC broadcast labelled ‘on craftsmanship’.

Still from Craftsmanship by Maja Borg

Still from Craftsmanship by Maja Borg

Words Needed

Words Needed is a curatorial concept where moving texts are projected onto four snow walls in Umeå during the Opening Weekend.

The artist Anna Linder is curating Words Needed and she has invited other artists to the project. Together they create a collective feeling that interprets and describes a possible and utopian world.

Each of the artists produces a visual conversation with somebody or something, somewhere in the world. Their conversation provides the inauguration weekend with an artistic and utopian dimension, and the power of the word becomes palpable in the public arena.

The right to use your own language has not always been self-evident, neither has the right to develop new language possibilities. Nevertheless, the will to communicate has always helped language to find new ways, and this is also something that Umeå2014 is doing with Words Needed.

All pieces are silent.

The artists and projects that are included in Words Needed (links to PDF documents with more information):

Karin Michalski & Ann Cvetkovich – The Alphabet of Feeling Bad (14:22)
Atom Cianfarani & Maya Suess – Queer Ecologies (10:26)
Johanna Gustavsson, Angel Haze & Simone Weil – Open Letter to a Working Comrade 1936 / 2013 (13:26)
Maja Borg & Virginia Woolf – Craftsmanship (30:21)

Technical advisor: Timo Menke
Curator: Anna Linder

Anna Linder is an artist and curator, born in Storuman, Lapland. Today she works in Stockholm and Göteborg. She has a PhD in film from Valand Academy, where, since 2013, she works as an arts researcher funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Trailer for Words Needed: