We The Others

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2014, Experimental, 8 min.

(Director / Producer / Photography / Editor)

Presented by Maja Borg Filmproduktion and  Dazed and Confused Visionaries.

‘We The Others’ is set in 2030 at the fringes of a civilization built on a hundred year old projection of the future. Here live the outcasts whose existence is being predetermined. They all have in common the similar physical characteristics of Down’s syndrome, but in this world, they are the embodiment of everyone who does not live up to the norm and are therefore not at the top of the genetic shopping list for the future. Feared by all as the ‘others’, ‘they’ are in fact most of us.

Main Collaborators

Music: Ela Orleans

Casting and amazing support: The Ups and Downs Theatre Group and Kung Saga Gymnasium

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